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Council Meeting May 2015The members of the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities are responsible to carry out the provisions of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act) and make sure that the Council is a member-driven, effective, efficient, and accountable organization. Serving up to two four-year terms, the 40-member Council represents all of North Carolina. Membership is composed with 60 percent of people with intellectual or other developmental disabilities (I/DD) or family members, and the remainder with representatives from state agencies, nonprofit and professional organizations. The Council guides all initiatives and contracts.

NCCDD, a 40-member body appointed by the Governor, is made up of:

  • People with intellectual or other developmental disabilities (I/DD)
  • Parent/Family member/Guardian
  • Representatives of State agencies
  • State legislators
  • Representatives from Disability Rights NC and the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (CIDD)
  • Provider and Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organization representatives

Current Council Members (alphabetically):


no photoDawn H. Allen (not pictured)
Public at Large (Other)

Amanda Bergen photo


Amanda N. Bergen, NCCDD Committee Chair                                                        
Parent/Family member/Guardian


Wayne Black photo


Wayne Black, Director, Division of Social Services
(Alt: Teresa Strom)

Representative of the State Developmental Disabilities Authority (DHHS/DSS)


Katherine Boeck photo


Katherine Boeck
Person with a Developmental Disability

 Eric Chavis photo

Eric Chavis
Person with a Developmental Disability

Nakima Clark photo


NaKima Clark
Parent/Family member/Guardian                                                               


 Anna Cunningham photo

Anna R. Cunningham                                          
Parent/Family member/Guardian


Allison Sno photo. Dodson (not pictured)                                          
Parent/Family member/Guardian

Brian Dooley photo


Bryan Dooley
Person with a Developmental Disability


Christina Dupuch photo


Christina Dupuch
(Alt: Andrea Misenheimer)
Representative of Non-Profit group concerned w/ services to Persons with I/DD


Kerri Eaker photo


Kerri Bennett Eaker, NCCDD Committee Chair
Parent of a Person Living in, or Having Lived in, an Institution with a Developmental Disability

Mary Edwards photo


Mary Edwards, Consumer Affairs Program Manager, Division of Aging and Adult Services
(Alt: Joseph Breen)
Representative of the NC Division of Aging = Older Americans Act 


Jason Faircloth photo


Jason Faircloth

Person with a Developmental Disability

Sen Valerie Foushee photo


Senator Valerie Foushee

Representative of the NC Senate

Myron Michelle Gavin photo


Myron Michelle Gavin
Parent/Family Member/Guardian


Dr. Joshua Gettinger photo


Dr. Joshua Gettinger                                                                                             
Parent/Family member/Guardian


Brendon Hildreth photo


Brendon Hildreth

Person with a Developmental Disability

Katie Holler photo


Kathleen “Katie" Holler                                                     
Parent/Family member/Guardian

William Hussey photo


William Hussey, Director, Exceptional Children Program, Dept. Public Instruction
(Alt: Dreama McCoy)
Representative of the NC Dept. of Public Instruction

Rep Verla Insko photo

Rep. Verla Insko

Representative of the NC House of Representatives


Dr. Gary Junker


Dr. Gary N. Junker
Representative of the State Department of Public Safety


Dr. Kelly Kimple photo

Dr. Kelly Kimple, Chief, Women's and Children's Health
(Alt: Danielle Matula)
Representative of Women’s and Children’s Health (DHHS)


Aldea LaParr photo


Aldea LaParr, NCCDD Secretary

Person with a Developmental Disability



no photoKristy Locklear (not pictured)

Parent/Family Member/Guardian

Alex McArthur photo


Alexandra "Alex" McArthur, Chairperson

Person with a Developmental Disability                                   

will miller headshot


William Miller

Person with a Developmental Disability                                   

Tara Myers


Tara Myers, Director, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
(Alt: Jim Swain)

Representative of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DHHS)


 Wing Ng photo

Dr. Wing K. Ng, NCCDD Vice Chair                                                                       
Parent/Family member/Guardian

Joseph Piven photo


Dr. Joseph Piven, Carolina Institute on Developmental Disabilities
(Alt: Deb Zuver)
University Center of Excellence (UCEDD)  


 Cheryl Powell photo

Cheryl L. Powell, NCCDD Vice Chair

Person with a Developmental Disability

 Dave Richard photo

Dave Richard, Deputy Sec. of Department of Health and Human Services

Representative of the Designated State Agency (DHHS)



no photo

Ryan Rotundo (not pictured)
Parent/Family Member/Guardian


Nessie Pruden Siler photo


Nessie Pruden Siler, NCCDD Committee Chair
Person with a Developmental Disability

Virginia Knowlton Marcus


Virginia Knowlton Marcus, 
Executive Director, Disability Rights NC (P&A) (not pictured)
Representative of the State Protection and Advocacy Agency-Disability Rights NC (DRNC)

James Stephenson photo


Daniel Smith                                                                                                                      
Parent/Family member/Guardian


no photo

James Stephenson (not pictured)                                                                                                              
Parent/Family member/Guardian


Dr. Peggy Terhune photo


Dr. Peggy Terhune
, CEO, Monarch
Local Non Governmental Agency

Sandra Terrell new


Sandy Terrell, Director of Clinical Services, Division of Medical Assistance
(Alt: Deb Goda)
Representative of the Division of Medical Assistance (DHHS)


no photoVacant
, Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (MHDDSAS)
(Alt: Mya Lewis)
Representative of the State Developmental Disabilities Authority (DHHS)

Kelly Woodall (not pictured)
Person with a Developmental Disability


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